幅広い演奏活動を展開する傍ら、ハープの埋もれた名曲の発掘に加えて多くの編曲を手掛ける。2022年、浜離宮朝日ホール主催によるオール・フォーレ・リサイタルを開催し、「レクイエム」チェロ&ハープ版全曲をはじめとした自身の編曲作品を初演。2023年には生誕150年のラフマニノフに焦点を当て、同ホール、またスロヴェニア・リュブリャナにて記念リサイタルを行う。リュブリャナでは吹奏楽の巨匠ヨハン・デ・メイ指揮のもと、スロヴェニア軍楽隊との共演も予定している。分野横断的な芸術理念を標榜し、世界的バレリーナ・ザハロワとの共演(瀕死の白鳥)や、国立新美術館「テート美術館展《光 ― ターナー、印象派から現代へ》」をはじめとする主要美術館に於ける公式演奏会の企画制作、東邦音楽大学エクステンションセンター講師など、多岐にわたる活動を展開している。アルバムはキングインターナショナルよりこれまでに3枚をリリース。

Megumi Nakamura began playing the harp at the age of 12, and has been making her career as solo harpist in Japan and overseas. Impassioned and dedicated to broaden the repertoire for her instrument she has made a wide range of arrangements for it, in addition to introducing less-spotlighted works originally written for the harp. In 2022 she gave an All-Faure-Recital at Hamarikyu Asahi Hall, Tokyo, where she premiered her arrangement of the whole “Requiem”, and will give a recital there the next year featuring Rachmaninoff to commemorate his 150th birth anniversary. Her other highlighted performances in 2023 include premiering an arranged work dedicated to her by maestro Johan de Meij, with Slovenian Armed Forces Wind Orchestra under his own baton (Clair de Lune by Debussy) in Ljubljana.

Having a multi-faceted approach towards music making, she has also collaborated with artists of various artistic fields including the world-renowned ballerina Svetlana Zakharova, and her interdisciplinary interests in painting and literature, based on long-running and profound research, have led her to co-work with some of the major museums in Japan to make official concerts tied to their exhibitions, such as the Tate Collection Exhibition hosted by the National Art Centre, Tokyo. As for the recording she has released 3 albums from King International, one of the major labels in Japan, to critical acclaim. She loves Constable’s paintings.